Saturday, 23 November 2013


After the thrills of the Thrust 2 simulator which replicated the breaking of the world land speed record rather more sedate forms of transport were enjoyed at the Classic Car and Motorbike Show in Birmingham. Beautifully restored and presented Morris Minors took me back to my earliest driving days whilst a host of stalls and companies were able to supply even the most obscure grommet or widget for a vast range of vehicles. Modern day developments were on display with Jaguar's latest eco beast but I suspect a new generation of drivers will miss out on the joys of spannering away lying on a cold floor with the prospect of grazed knuckles and oily palms.

A return to more rural pursuits came in the form of a memorable four day work party at LCB in the Elan Valley with excellent company. Martin and Mike formed a tribute band - the Pointer Brothers - by standing in front of grey walls for 6 hours a day but achieved several hundred linear metres of tedious pointing which transformed the look of this very special building.Meanwhile Howard created some functional bothy furniture, Keith dug a canal to Rhayader, Tony administrated, Dave re- rigged the drying rack and I spent a day on the toilet - the new oak door had swollen and attention with chisel and plane was required. After similar work on the main door all seems well and the building remains very much open to all. Two inches of snow on the Tuesday morning added to the scenic grandeur and made for stunning views - topped off on Wednesday by the sighting of an osprey as we walked out.
Mum and I are now in York before I head to the Lakes and she returns home by train with the weather still cold but clear so I hope to get some good walks in and enjoy the company of a number of friends. Spotty Spot will emerge again in due course but meanwhile the latest digital images sit here

Early days yet but as in the past I will be donating to charity in lieu of Christmas cards so take it as read that I wish you all a good one.

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