Monday, 24 October 2011

Future Plans

Remarkably considering the tough 40,000 miles of our trip down under the van passed its MOT without requiring any work so we are now looking at getting it ready for our next major trip.
The main issue is the canvas roof which has suffered much wear and tear and needs replacing - we are seeking quotes for a fixed roof which would give us a little more space as I can then raise the various units a foot or so, more insulation and an even quicker set up time plus it will be more suited to the wetter weather we expect on future trips.

Meanwhile Sarah is enjoying her time at the stables as well as socialising with friends and family whilst I spent a week in the Cambrian mountains assisting in the ongoing restoration of a bothy for the use of walkers and cyclists. Renamed 'Aberstan' for the purposes of an ongoing military exercise we were joined mid week by the troops with their decoy tanks and other kit - four fit lads made short work of the normally arduous task of returning our mixer to the roadside, assistance which was much appreciated.

We plan a trip to London to meet up with Mary from Perth who made us so welcome there and then head to Cumbria for a fortnight prior to the Christmas celebrations - our first at home in four years.

A few pics appear here, SPOT is on hold and the slide show returns to North Island New Zealand

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Life resumes back home.

Six weeks after an uneventful journey home I thought an update was overdue so ...........

After sorting out mail and related paperwork I set off for the Brecon Beacons to enjoy a long weekend involved with a charity fundraising event held in somewhat wintry conditions whilst Sarah joined friends in sunny Croatia.
I too found good weather too during a brief visit to France joining a friend in his camper on a meander through the centre and along the Dordogne.
Both of us then enjoyed summer's final flurry with a few days in Dolgellau giving us a rare chance to climb Cadair Idris and the Arrans in perfect conditions.

Last week I caught the train to Southampton to collect and drive home our trusty van which had sat patiently in its tin for the 36 day journey via Singapore. After reconnecting the battery it started first time and ran like a watch during the 250 mile trip west - the import procedures including a Custom's X ray went smoothly thanks to the excellent services of JC Shipping and YA Logistics. We now await the results of an MOT next week to determine our next decisions.

In the near future Sarah has plenty of horse riding to look forward to whilst I head to mid Wales to assist in remedial work at a remote bothy in the forests before in late November we both travel to the Lake District for a fortnight.

Christmas will be spent with family before we head to Southern Europe for the rest of the winter with Sarah flying home for Easter whilst I head for the Pyrenees.
As she intends to ride a lot next summer in preparation for a holiday in the saddle in Botswana next autumn I am considering an extended Scottish trip to tackle as many of the 284 Munro's (peaks above 3000') as possible.

Our next major trip will to an extent be determined by which camper we have this time next year - the same old bus will facilitate a trip to the Americas, a newer one will lead to lengthy tours around Europe as the costs of carnets, insurance and so on will be too high in the early years. Either way these will commence in Spring 2013.

Meanwhile some pictures of the last few weeks appear at this link and some irrational locations from when we are out and about should be here

Keep us up to date with your news - we always enjoy hearing it.