Thursday, 17 September 2009

The Countdown Begins

Well this week saw me presenting our old bus in almost factory condition (SAS's Patent Elbow Grease a tried and trusted product) at the Pentalvers Depot in Southampton. The guy in charge of lashing (!) was friendly, helpful and very laid back. After taking a copy of our shipping note and filling in a condition report he took a key off me and assured me that the van would in due course arrive as stated in Auckland some 5 weeks hence - easier than posting a letter!

Got talking to a group taking 3 Land Cruisers to Egypt for a month in the desert - each vehicle carrying 700l of fuel and 300l of water (apparently diesel is 7p a litre over there.............)The lashing crew would be in charge of stowing the van in a 20' container, chocking and securing the load ready for placing on the Kuala Lumpur Express curently lying south of the Isle of Wight and due in on Saturday.

Sarah is due back from Peru next week having cunningly avoided any involvement (and thus any responsibility) in said procedures. After a brief 10 day turnaround we leave for a fortnight in Japan en route to NZ - the contrast to sleepy Ceredigion should be palpable.

Last weekend's Brecon Beast Charity Mountain Bike Event was a run away success with in excess of 600 riders tackling 60km or 100km routes in superb conditions - full details and pics available on