Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Last Days in Peru and return to the UK

A day was spent sorting out the Hyundai after our four weeks on the road, disposing of items that would not be worth returning to the UK and enjoying a few days of rest and relaxation. We dropped in to Cajamarca and explored the lively market, took time to enjoy the natural thermal waters at a local health club and enjoyed a couple of excellent meals out with all the team and family before on the final night Suzy cooked us a superb three course meal which we shared in the large dining room of Dave's property.

An early taxi ride had us at the airport in time for the one hour flight to Lima - clear weather offered us views of the remote mountainous areas I hope to visit one day before we landed in the chaos of Lima once more.

Guillarmo was waiting to whisk us away in his taxi to Miraflores and our hotel but first we had to return a slightly frantic Canadian customer to his hotel as he had forgotten his phone - we are all too dependent on these fragile and easily mislaid devices but all was well and after an hour or so of the demented traffic we were in the quiet hotel once more.

That evening a final meal in the Haiti restaurant included for me delicious scallops before we retired early in preparation for our flights home.
Another white knuckle taxi ride saw us at the airport in good time and we departed on schedule at 11am.

The twelve hour flight passed reasonably well - I worked on photos and video clips as the hours ticked away before we emerged bleary eyed in to a clear Spanish dawn.
The two hours to Gatwick were a breeze and for once the Epassport gates were working and before long on a grey blustery morning we were returning to the Sussex countryside.
Chris and I then began the plod west arriving in Brecon around 6pm after some 36 hours travelling and I was pleased that the trusty bus fired up first time - Crad had kindly turned up in case of problems but I was soon on my way to the family home in Shropshire.
There, as is usually the case in my simplified and slimmed down lifestyle, there was almost no mail and no unexpected developments in my life or Mum's so I am now adjusting to the change in temperature, planning for Christmas and looking forward to catching up with many friends both old and new.

 It would be appropriate to thank Chris,Dave,Franco,Horje,Mario and Suzy for some wonderful memories - it was sad to say goodbye to most of the team but there is a chance that we will all meet up one day, I very much hope so.

The trip was a useful introduction to South America and has inspired me to return for longer one day, although this will not be for some time. However there are plenty of plans afoot and I will remain as determined as ever to enjoy the good fortune and opportunities presented by my survival of and recovery from a heart attack exactly four years ago to the day.

It is so much more than a cliche to say that every day is a bonus and I have been very fortunate to have been able to visit amongst others 

Ireland, France, Belgium ,Holland, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Australia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia

over those years and remain optimistic that most people are warm, generous, friendly and helpful wanting only to share life experiences and do as well as possible by their families.

Last of the South American piccies sit here

and whilst in the UK Spotty Spot will be at best random - here

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