Wednesday, 3 November 2010

High and Wild

The high country of the New England Tablelands has provided a memorable week of panoramic views, good walks, quiet camping areas and a taste of civilisation on Saturday as I spent my first night in a proper camp site to get laundry done, take advantage of hook up and hot showers and visit the extensive and enjoyable Armidale Farmer's market.

Continuing along the Waterfall Way and staying at various camping areas gave me a chance to meet some fellow travellers including a couple from Perth on their 5th circuit.
The wildlife continues to amaze me and a good guide to the birdlife should allow me to identify some of the many to be seen across the various habitats.
NSW's drought breaking rain in recent months has made the various waterfalls even more impressive with Dangars and Tia particularly memorable.
My drift back to Sydney to collect Sarah is a day ahead of schedule as I dropped down from the wilds of the Werrikimbee NP as there seemed to be an abnormal noise from the front brakes. Following a strip down nearer a town it turned out to be just slightly loose wheel nuts probably as a result of the many miles of rough track I have covered. Last nights camping area was truly memorable for its location, silence and the howling of dingoes in the not too distant woods.
With time to spare I intend to return to Myall Lakes in the hope of enjoying a dip before calling in at Newcastle for various items en route to Sydney.
As well as pictures here there is also a link to our SPOT shared page that tracks our movements here

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