Thursday, 7 October 2010

Still Waiting

The cunning plan to escape the city in a Jucy worked well until the head gasket blew leaving me stranded on the motorway until towed back to the depot. There the team agreed that I could base myself there in the same vehicle - an unusual but satisfactory arrangement as I had internet access and it was a short bus ride in to the centre to chase up all manner of things.

Contact with the shipping company confirmed that the long weekend had delayed cleaning of the van until today Friday but that it should be released in time for the weekend - we'll see!

I spent the day in Sydney yesterday allowed me to chase up car insurance and roadside recovery, buy a couple of guide books from Dymmocks where Rick Stein was signing copies of his latest fishy tome and look in to the purchase of a SPOT personal locator beacon which may one day save our bacon.

To escape from the confines of the Jucy I also returned to the excellent YHA at The Rocks for a night giving me a chance to enjoy the top class vew from the roof terrace and later walk through Circular Quay soaking up the atmosphere.

Sarah is filling her time at home with all manner of trips and treats and looking forward to coming out in just under a month - our plan is to drift south and head over to Tasmania for about 6 weeks but we may need to adjust our plans to take in the huge size of this vast continent.

Pictures here - finally mastered the new camera!

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